As a pioneer in high-quality student accommodation we have been making history for the past 15 years thanks to our well thought-out concept and daring entrepreneurship. Never have we swerved from our basic principles, our standards of quality or our company concept.

As we started focussing on this niche market right from the beginning of the company in 1999, Upgrade Estate now has a clear edge as specialist in student accommodation.

Upgrade Estate likes to keep control and react quickly. That is why all the crucial aspects of a development are integrated in-house. The interaction between our various divisions is indispensable in order to guarantee that the construction process runs smoothly. Upgrade Estate consists of a sales department, a rental and management service called Upgrade Service, a construction and coordination office named Up-Size and Limoengroen, a proprietary supplier of green energy.

The enthusiasm of our staff is the driving force behind the satisfaction of our customers and renters.



At each stage we leave room for improvement and refinement of our concept. As a creative developer with a clear view we think ‘out of the box’ and we let our projects grow on and on. The impulses that we get from renters and investors play an important role here.

A positive contact with the local residents, municipal services and educational institutions is put first. Students are the knowledge of the future, and we can constitute an added value here. Well-managed student accommodation is a good foundation, but the social context in which it all takes place offers numerous additional opportunities.

Corporate social responsibility begins with investing in long-term relationships. Enjoying the successful result together is the icing on the cake.

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