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Five reasons to invest in Upgrade Estate

Five reasons to invest in Upgrade Estate


1. Market leader


With 20 years' experience and 50 completed projects to date, Upgrade Estate is the market leader in (student) housing in Belgium. Our company’s strength is that everything is done in house - from the creation of the (building) plans and the on-site follow-up, to the rental of the student rooms. And everything is executed with the greatest care and expertise. This means that for every project, we can guarantee quality and certainty to investors and tenants alike.

2. Carefree investing


All this knowledge and experience adds up to a carefree investment. How can we guarantee this? Simple: all our projects have a 100% occupation rate, even before the project has been finalised. Most of our projects are even operating waiting lists. This means that you can be secure in the knowledge that you have chosen the right investment. 
What about rental, follow-up or maintenance? We take care of all of this, too. We have our own management, rental and maintenance department, so there’s no need for you to worry. All you need to do is enjoy your returns.



Thanks to our in-house departments, the investor is entirely relieved of matters such as rental, maintenance and follow-up. All you need to do is enjoy your returns.”

Diederik Van Neste, Chief Property Officer




3. Flexible and transparent


At Upgrade Estate we do not work with a fixed investment amount, but adopt a bespoke investment approach. With a low-threshold entry point of €110,000, each investor can determine the amount they wish to invest for themself.


You invest in a tangible project, about which you will receive clear communication. Every investor can look at the figures and costs incurred. There is no small print, only a full insight into your investment.



4. Unique offering


Thanks to the success of Upkot, and also in response to requests from both students and investors, we have decided to widen our target group. That’s why we’ll shortly be launching our new brand: Upliving.


With projects in Ghent and Brussels we will be focusing on housing for young professionals. In launching our latest brand, we are also broadening our offering and tapping the potential of a new market. This will result in a more diverse offering for our investors.


5. Ongoing service


We continue to be committed to our investors after they have made their investment. At Upgrade Estate, investors are more than just a number— they become part of our Upgrade family. The strongest proof of this is that 40% of our investors decide to invest again in one of our projects at a later date.


In addition, last year we launched our Upgrade Academy. Through this we offer seminars and webinars for our investors, and Upkot students can approach us for coaching, support and internships. This enables us to keep on growing and innovating together with all our stakeholders.



Do you have additional questions? Or do you wonder if investing is something for you? Be sure to check our investment offer for more information.


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