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Keynote Frans Goenee: "On the crooked roads of hospitality" (in Dutch)

Upgrade Academy (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 128, Ghent) | 7pm30 | For stakeholders of Upgrade Estate


Frans Goenee takes you along in the creative thinking of Anton Pieck, the first designer of the Efteling, how gave the Fairytale Forest its characteristic atmosphere. Anton Pieck's philosophy was that after every crooked curve, there was an opportunity to cause amazement. It is not without reason that the Fairytale Forest in the Efteling has many curved roads that always lead to another fairy tale. Behind every bend, another surprise awaits.

Through his 31 years of extensive experience as Inspiration Manager Hospitality, Frans Goenee shares his lessons in his own way and with passion. He gives examples of how to apply the essence of this "crooked road theory" in an organisation. He provides you with a refreshing look to get started in your own environment or organisation.

Frans Goenee
Upgrade Academy

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