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Demer Upkot

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Rented from September 2023
Blauw afgerond vierkantje
Invest from
Rood afgerond vierkantje
rental and management service
Groen afgerond vierkantje
Rented from
September 2023
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Demer Upkot, a new flow through the Kapermolensite

Elfde-Liniestraat 21B, 3500 Hasselt

After Kaper Upkot X, Y and Z, a fourth Upkot project settles in Hasselt. With Demer, we continue our Upkot story at the student city of Limburg. 87 student rooms, 9 kitchens with a chillspot, a covered bicycle shed, a study café and a roof terrace. What more does a student need?


roof terrace
study café

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Visit the virtual tour

In this virtual tour you can walk through the Upkot project at your own pace and learn all about Demer Upkot. 

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A well-located investment project

Demer Upkot is located near the main campuses of Limburg. And thus close to the 22,000 students who go to these campuses every day. The centre of Hasselt is only a stone’s throw away and can easily be reached on foot, by bicycle or by public transport.

Kaart hotspots Demer Upkot

An investement to be proud of.


You have made your decision? Great, we will do the rest for you. Thanks to our overall approach, all you have to do is wait for your annual distribution.

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