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Upkot - having the time of your life

Much more than just a student room


Upkot coach

The Upkot coach is the contact person for students, who helps with various matters, offering a warm welcome, a listening ear, social cohesion, daily management and even support and assistance during their studies. Our Upkot coaches have received social training.


Trendy, modern design

Various types of rooms and studios offer something for everyone. Each unit is furnished entirely with sustainable materials. The creative, studenty look and feel gives our Upkot buildings a personal, homely touch.


Chillroom & Study café


Unique facilities

Every Upkot project offers unique facilities such as chill-out rooms, fully equipped kitchens with living space, a laundry area, a garden with Upkot chickens, a study café etc.


Unrivalled community

Exciting activities on a regular basis, shared sports, relaxing in the common areas etc. You can even join the Upkot party committee! That’s what ‘having the time of your life Upkot’ means!

The Upkot chicken

The Upkot chicken is our sustainability mascot, which makes Upkotters more aware of sustainability in student housing.


The Upgrade Academy

As an Upkotter, you can take part in Upgrade Academy initiatives. The aim of our Academy is to meet and inspire each other, share experience and knowledge and innovate.


Outstanding service

The Upfix team is always ready to provide technical and practical help. The Upkot coach takes care of daily management.



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