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"MedeMerkersmeeting" What!?

Twice a year, we organise ‘Co-creators meetings’; the most recent one on 13 August. Every time, we ask ourselves the question, “Why do we do what we do?”. This helps us to develop a culture of transparency at Upgrade Estate. That encourages the entire team to brainstorm with us, boosting everyone’s involvement.




Why is co-creation so important? Sometimes the best ideas are born right here, in the office. That’s why we’ve created an atmosphere where everyone feels heard and involved. After all, every idea counts!




During this latest meeting, we were all challenged to brainstorm on the company’s vision. We were immersed in the current concepts, great perspectives for the future, the latest news, and much more. The result? Everyone knows what’s going on in the company.




Our motto? Teamwork makes the dream work!