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We create connective housing.

Our stakeholders are key in every concept and in every step of our business. Always in a way that is socially, ecologically and economically sustainable. To achieve this, we involve all our partners in our goals, and we always start partnerships with the long term in mind.

Sustainability is a mission at Upgrade Estate. It’s a way of living, thinking and acting. We approach the concept of sustainability very broadly, and use the sustainable development goals as a guide.


Sustainable development GOALS

Social Development goals


The foundations of our sustainability actions

Duurzame projecten, rekening houdende met de omgeving


Our own green energy supplier 'Limoengroen'

Familiebedrijf met maatschappelijke meerwaarde


We are a Great Place to Work and create vibrant communities

veilig rendement


We continuously work on sustainable investment platforms



We always go for long-term relationships with all our stakeholders

More about

In practice

Green energy generation and recuperation methods such as cogeneration, water recycling, borehole thermal energy storage and solar panels.

Innovating and constantly in search of new techniques to measure and map consumption. 

We sensitize our employees and tenants by use of eco-tips and upcycling in the interior designs of projects and offices.

Attractive and organic designs of the gardens in our projects, with real chickens that feed on the organic waste of the students.

Car & bike sharing & chargepoints for electric cars and bikes at Upliving projects and at our offices. We reward colleagues who use public transport and bikes.

Ter Plaeten Upkot zonnepanelen

Our Upkot and Upliving coaches play a crucial role in developing a community in our projects.

We are a Great Place to Work, with an employee trust index of 95%.

Our stakeholders can meet offline, inspire each other and share experiences and knowledge in the Upgrade Academy.

We make social impact through our Upgrade Charity projects.

The Upgrade Solidarity relief fund gives daily financial aid to Upkot students who are financially struggling due to Corona.