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Sustainability has become a catch-all term over the years. Everything that has to do with socially responsible living, the environment, ecology and future-oriented thinking is referred to as ‘sustainability’ nowadays. For Upgrade Estate, sustainability is a mission, a way of living, thinking and doing. We approach the concept of sustainability very broadly.




The focal points of
sustainable housing


Duurzame projecten, rekening houdende met de omgeving

Sustainability as a mission

& our own green energy supplier 'Limoengroen'

Duurzame huisvesting

Sustainable projects

that take the surroundings into account

Familiebedrijf met maatschappelijke meerwaarde

Raise awareness

among our employees and tenants


Long-term relationships

with all our stakeholders

What is




In practice...


Green energy generation and recuperation methods such as cogeneration, water recycling, borehole thermal energy storage and solar panels.

Innovating and constantly in search of new techniques to measure and map consumption. 

Raise awareness among employees by using 'eco'llegue tips that are integrated into the design of our offices.

Common bikes for our collegues.

Rewarding staff who use public transport

Ter Plaeten Upkot zonnepanelen

Integrating 'Eco-student tips' into the look & feel of our Upkot projects.

Real Upkot chickens in the Upkot gardens that eat the students' organic waste.

Designing our gardens in an attractive, organic way.

Upcycling in the interiors of our projects.

Car & bike sharing and chargers for electric cars and bikes in our Upliving projects.