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Creating social impact and added value for society, that is our mission. 

We do this ecologically, socially and economically.

Upgrade Estate wants to contribute to society and is always looking for added value that extends beyond meeting financial targets and results. We are committed to ecological & social sustainability,

through which we can have a positive impact on society. We use the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals as a guideline for our activities.

The sustainability charter is co-signed by all our partners.

How do we make an impact today?

acting ecologically, economically and socially

The examples of how we are trying to make a difference in social, environmental & economic areas are endless. We would like to list for you some initiatives we are particularly proud of. Most of our sustainable actions have already been validated by external organisations such as VOKA & Unitar.

Our actions are annually

SDG Champion
Unitar SDG Champion

In 2023, we became a
Unitar SDG Champion

Future Fit
Future-Fit pioneer*

We use the Future Fit Business
Benchmark management tool

Duurzaam bosbeheer
Duurzaam bosbeheer

Voor het duurzaam beheer
van ons bos in Finland

Future Fit Pioneer

We think it is important to measure our progress towards Future Fit. We use the Future Fit Business Benchmark management tool for this purpose. In this way, Upgrade Estate helps build a society that is ecologically restorative, socially just & economically inclusive. Curious to discover our Future-Fit Statement of Progress Report?

Discover our Future Fit report



Limoengroen, our sustainable spin-off, focuses on various themes around energy transition, data monitoring, renewable technologies and sustainable construction. In every project, Limoengroen limits energy demand by intelligently designing, implementing innovative techniques & optimally insulating. Limoengroen also uses sustainable energy sources such as solar panels, heat boilers, heat pumps, water recuperation, etc.

Sustainable construction processes

The transition to sustainable and circular construction is in full swing. The climate change is challenging, and so are our own sustainability goals. This attitude starts with the development of our building projects and continues throughout the construction process. Our long-term management guarantees continuous sustainability.


Zero Carbon

Since 2020, we have been building gas-free and we are making the existing energy installations of older buildings more sustainable. In our green energy hUP, we are committed to implementing renewable energy, reducing energy demand & increasing energy consumption efficiency.

Zero Carbon - zonnepanelen

Wood construction

We are developing our first projects in wood construction. This is a key challenge to reduce our CO² emissions during the construction process to zero by 2035. By purchasing 2 forests in Finland, we are learning about sustainable forest management and the possibilities of wood construction.


Biodiverse experience gardens

We go all out for an attractive green outdoor environment. This way, we not only raise the quality of life of our tenants to a greener level, but also give the city a green boost.

Biodiverse belevingstuinen


Upcycling is an integral part of our interior design. Upcycling is reflected in the interior design of all our projects. We also incorporate construction waste in the interior design, the garden and signposting. Students who want to sell their old stuff to new students after their studies can do so on our Upkot Marketplace.


Development of our own wind turbine

A key action in our sustainability strategy is the development of our own wind turbine. This way, we want the energy installations in all our projects to run on 100% green & self-generated energy.


Due Diligence

As a company, we not only feel responsible for our own impact on the environment, human rights, working conditions & the fight against corruption, but also for that of our suppliers & contractors. Therefore, we engage in dialogue on how to prevent solid impact in the entire supply chain together with partners & suppliers. Together, we make adjustments in the production process. Our suppliers, partners & contractors co-sign our sustainability charter.

Duurzame Due Diligence



Coaches as the
heroes of the concept

Our philosophy of connection, coaching and community focuses on the tenant's experience. Our coaches are the central focus of every Upgrade Estate project.

Read more about the coaches

Diversity track

During our internal diversity track, we always critically examine how we deal with people of different origins, gender, religion, age,... We are particularly proud of our pocket dictionary that project leaders use to communicate in eight languages on site.


Upgrade Solidarity

Our own private foundation aims to meet the needs of our tenants. Today, we are focusing on the mental well-being of our students. Through the Feel Free To Talk project, any student who is mentally struggling can book up to three free sessions with a psychologist.

Upgrade Solidarity

Great Place to work

Upgrade Estate is certified by Great Place to Work and ranks among the top 5 Best Workplaces! The 2022 survey indicated a trust index score of 95% among our co-Creators. Our Upgrade Estate working environment is characterised by a high level of confidence in the corporate strategy and management, having fun together and a sense of pride in being part of our project.

Read more about Great Place to work

Great Place to work

Upgrade Charity

Our mission is: to create social impact and social added value. We do this in different ways and with different projects. We always look for a link with our business and try to assess whether we are making sufficient social impact with our charity actions. Today, with Upgrade Charity, we support different charities. We also support numerous local & smaller initiatives with a donation or by letting them use our venues for their events.

Read more about Upgrade Charity

Upgrade Charity
Upgrade Academy

As an Upgrade Estate tenant, investor or co-Creator, you automatically become a member of the Upgrade Academy, and can participate in many activities for free. You also get the privilege of renting two rooms in the Academy for your event.



At Upgrade Estate, we don't think 'in cubicles'. You invest in a patrimony company of a specific project and we build, rent and manage. We think holistically about each phase of a project and always in terms of the end user.


Real Estate as a service

We unburden our tenants & investors by ensuring long-term socially, environmentally & economically sustainable management.

coach Jasper intrede

How will we make more impact in the future?

Upgrade Estate aims to be carbon neutral on scope 1, 2 & 3 by 2035. We will start reducing our carbon emissions to the maximum to then qualitatively offset a small residual fraction. For this, we base ourselves on the Science Based Targets (SBTi) method

You can just take a look at our interim targets.

Discover it here

toekomstige impact