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Coaches as
heroes of the concept

Social &
operational management


In our philosophy of connection, coaching and community, the experience of our tenants takes centre stage.
Our coaches are the social axis in every Upgrade Estate project. In addition to being outstanding building managers, they are committed to the mental wellbeing of our tenants. They offer peace of mind and a listening ear, and organise fun activities so that tenants feel at home in a warm community.





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Satisfied tenants

Did you know that... 50% of our coaches have an education in ortopedagogy, psychology, social work or pedagogy. 
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The coach as the best-kept
secret of every brand

You will love your Upkot coach

Your Upkot coach is a genuine multitasker: party organiser, building manager and all-round problem solver. They are always on hand so that you can have the time of your life!

  • Organises pizza nights, parties, sport sessions and more
  • Solves technical problems for you
  • Is always there with a listening ear
  • Listens to student initiatives and thinks along with the community

Upkot houses students and is the foundation of an unforgettable student time thanks to the Upkot community and unique facilities.

The Upliving coach gives a boost to the community

Thanks to the Upliving Coach, you can enjoy your next-level apartment with peace of mind. They ensure that there is always something happening by organising many surprising activities, offering a mixture of excitement and relaxation.

  • He or she ensures that there is always something going on and initiates lots of surprising activities
  • Follows up on your chores
  • Welcomes new tenants with open arms
  • Takes care of a lively site with a nice experience

Upliving rents out flats for young professionals and provides additional communal facilities in addition to unseen living comforts.

Chillax, the Upoffiz team will solve it for you!

What is Upoffiz's best-kept secret? The motivated team of Upoffiz coaches! The team has a single mission: to make your life easier, to help you to make connections, and above all… to ensure good vibes only!

  • Takes care of you with a next-level service
  • takes care of a lively site with a nice experience
  • Supports you with the practical aspect of meetings & events
coaches Upoffiz

Upoffiz is the homebase for growth SMEs where interaction and connection are central, with green as the connecting element.

The words of the coaches