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Upgrade Charity

Why does Upgrade Estate support various charities? 


The answer is in our mission: creating social impact and added societal value. We do that in various ways and with various projects. Today, we are committed to the following good causes with Upgrade Charity. Furthermore, we support a number of small, local initiatives with a donation or with the use of our venues for their events.


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Our own charity

Upgrade Solidarity

To meet the needs of our most vulnerable tenants during the coronavirus crisis in 2020, we set up the private foundation Upgrade Solidarity. For this, we were able to count on the solidarity of our investors and co-Creators who supported it through voluntary contributions.

Students who were struggling financially could apply for a rental allowance on the basis of objective and measurable criteria. As a result, around 40 students were able to continue their studies without having to give up their student room.

A survey revealed that the mental wellbeing of some of our tenants was also suffering. As part of our social mission, we decided to enter into a partnership with an approved psychology practice through Upgrade Solidarity. This has made it easy for students with mental health issues to book 3 free sessions per academic year with a psychologist. What's more, Upgrade Solidarity pays for these sessions. Since it began, around 250 students have registered for the scheme. Donations via the following account are always welcome: BE44 3632 0046 0745.

Upgrade Solidarity - Amelia Earhartlaan 2/201 - 9051 Ghent | BE 0745 864 672



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Rhotia Valley Children’s home
Rotaract Eeklo Meetjesland
Rotaract Eeklo Meetjesland
Dopjesactie BCG
Bottle cap action of the Belgian Guide Dog Centre (BCG)

Would you like to support a charity?


Make a contribution to Upgrade Solidarity or go to the websites of our charities and see how you can help them.


Support Upgrade Solidarity     And contribute to our social and sustainable mission