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Upgrade Charity

Why does Upgrade Estate support specific good causes?

The answer lies in our mission, which is to create social impact and social added value. We do this in various ways and through different projects.


We are always looking for a link with our business and work hard to assess whether our charity projects have sufficient social impact.


Currently, through Upgrade Charity, we are focusing on the projects described below. Besides, we also support numerous local and smaller initiatives.


About TAJO
Talentenatelier Jongeren (Young People's Talent Workshop) started from the idea that only those who are offered opportunities will be able to seize them. With this in mind, it organises practical workshops on Saturdays for socially vulnerable young people. The objective is to teach participants the importance of ‘doing your best for later’. It hopes to give them passions and interests to motivate them to study in a direction that will take them further.
What Upgrade Estate does with Upgrade Charity
Together with TAJO, our Upkot coaches organise practical workshops on talents and group dynamics in the Prullenbos forest. We also host the graduation ceremony at our brand-new Upgrade Academy at the end of the academic year.


More information

Would you like to know more about TAJO? Visit their website.




Rhotia Valley Children's Home

Through Upgrade Charity, Upgrade Estate enters into a partnership with the Rhotia Valley Foundation in Tanzania. This foundation was set up in 2006 by Dr Joris Koch and Dr Marise Koch-Hekstra and consists of the Tented Lodge and Children's Home. When Nele and Koenraad visited this special place in 2018, they were blown away by the project. Afterwords they decided to contribute to this foundation with Upgrade Estate. Six talented orphans are being supported by various Upkot buildings, so they can realise their dreams. Apart from this initiative, Upgrade Estate supports several other local projects.


About Rhotia Valley
Rhotia Valley Children’s Home is a safe children's home for children from the local community. The organisation helps children without families to build a future full of opportunities. They deliver primary education to the children and encourage young people who grew up in the home to continue their studies. 


What Upgrade Estate does with Upgrade Charity
Six talented orphans are currently being supported by an Upkot building so that they can realise their dreams. We are happy to introduce these young people to you.


More information
Would you like to know more about Rhotia Valley Children's Home? Visit their website.



Mkiwa Dawi Thuway

Date of birth: 1 June 1995
Dream: To become a teacher
Sponsored by Baudelo Upkot.




Rozina Hamishi Athumani

Date of birth: 28 August 1999

Dream: To become a doctor
Sponsored by Mons Upkot & Backstage² Upkot.



Justina Amrahani

Date of birth: 11 January 1999

Dream: To become a vet
Sponsored by Timi Upkot.





Akwelini Baha Antony

Date of birth: 3 January 1997
Dream: To become an engineer
Sponsored by Gate Upkot.





Rosemary Hamishi Athumani

Date of birth: 18 December 1995
Dream: To become a chemistry teacher
Sponsored by Mia Upkot.




Kerani Philipot-Nade

Date of birth: 4 April 1994
Dream: To become a pharmacist
Sponsored by Ganda Upkot.


Kies Kleur tegen Pesten

About “Kies Kleur tegen Pesten” 
Today, one in five children and adolescents in Flanders is the victim of bullying. Many of them will suffer the consequences for a long time to come. Kies Kleur tegen Pesten (Take a Stand against Bullying) wants to do something about this together with children, adolescents and their mentors.

What Upgrade Estate does with Upgrade Charity
We find it essential that every resident in our buildings is treated with respect. For this purpose, we have set up an email contact point: You can find more information about this on our Upkot website.


At the end of this year, we will donate all spontaneous gifts and money collected through actions (including as part of "de Warmste Week"("the Warmest Week") to "Kies Kleur tegen Pesten".


More information
Would you like to know more about Kies Kleur tegen Pesten? Visit their website.


respect upkot

VZW Stappen

About VZW Stappen
The non-profit organisation VZW Stappen is a youth service accommodation facility for 29 young women aged between 14 and 21, who have been placed there by a juvenile court or voluntary support workers. Stappen focuses on (re)connecting these young women with their environment, their desires, their school or work-based programmes, etc. The charity provides tailored mentorship and accommodation. 


What Upgrade Estate does with Upgrade Charity 
Upgrade Estate has donated a caravan to VZW Stappen. They will refurbish it and use it in projects aimed at forming connections and fostering reintegration.


More information
Would you like to know more about VZW Stappen? Visit their website.