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10 Upkot, that's
investing in tenfold


Investing in student housing is more interesting than ever. And that's where '10 Upkot' responds perfectly.

With '10 Upkot', we are turning everything upside down. Because for this latest Upkot project, we are bundling 62 built and rented units, from 10 successful Upkot projects in 5 student cities. And all this in one investment.

Blauw afgerond vierkantje
built and rented units
Rood afgerond vierkantje
First distribution
October 2023
Groen afgerond vierkantje
Invest from
Download the brochure (NL)

What can you expect?

  • Detailed project info
  • Photos
  • Info about the distribution
  • Testimonials

Download the brochure

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Discover all
about 10 Upkot

Christophe will tell you all about this latest investment project in a short and powerful video.


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The 10 Upkot projects
selected for you

From Ghent to Brussels, from Uproom to Upstudio. 10 Upkot has it all! Curious about the room types and projects within 10 Upkot? Discover everything in the brochure.


Download the brochure (NL) 

*Do you want info in English, ask for it via our request form below

landkaart 10 Upkot

An investement to be proud of.


You have made your decision? Great, we will do the rest for you. Thanks to our overall approach, all you have to do is wait for your annual distribution.

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& sales
& sensibiliseren huurders
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