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10 Upkot, a hassle-free investment in student rooms


Investing in student housing is more interesting than ever. And that is where '10 Upkot' responds perfectly.

No hassle, but peace of mind. For this latest Upkot project, we are bundling beautifully rented rooms in successful Upkot projects. This in 1 hassle-free investment.

10 upkot
Blauw afgerond vierkantje
Invest from
Rood afgerond vierkantje
thanks to own rental & management service
Groen afgerond vierkantje
Immediate returns
in 2024
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What can you expect?

  • Detailed project info
  • Info about the distribution
  • Testimonials

Download the brochure

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Discover all
about 10 Upkot

  • Diversified investment at prime locations
  • Immediate returns in 2024
  • Priority for your (grand)children in 28 Upkot projects

Christophe will tell you all about this latest investment project in a short and powerful video.


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Why choose to invest at Upgrade Estate?

More than 20 years of experience
In 1999, Nele & Koenraad (co-CEOs) started their first investment in student housing, transforming a townhouse into student cottages. In 2012, they introduced the Upkot student housing brand, followed by Upliving with flats for young professionals and Upoffiz with offices for growth companies.

30+ completed projects in 7 cities
3000+ student rooms, 200+ residential units and 1000+ workplaces. That can count. Each location in Belgium is carefully selected so that we can respond perfectly to current and future needs.

Honest and transparent communication
Our personal approach is at the heart of your search for a suitable investment. We aim to support you so that you can make the right choice with confidence. And even as an investor, we keep you informed about your investment project via site updates, site visits, housewarming parties,...

We do everything from A-Z
We offer you a total concept: from building to renting and managing your investment project. This way, we guarantee a high-quality investment that lets you sleep soundly.

How does an investment work?

It's very simple: you co-invest in the 10 Upkot project from €110,000. Upgrade Estate builds and takes care of the rental and management of your project. In short, we take over from you all the inconveniences that a classic real estate investment entails. This with an absolute focus on both investors and tenants. The rental income from the projects, after deducting costs, forms the basis of your net distribution. The result is distributed to all investors on a percentage basis according to their contribution.

how it works

Ready to invest?

Low-risk with annuel distribution
Sustainable and stable investment

Hassle-free thanks to our in-house services

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