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In construction
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Invest from
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Targeted cash return of
2 - 4%
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Completion in
September 2023
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A project in an incredible location.

Lekkerbeetstraat 4 & Lange Steenstraat 10, 8500 Kortrijk


With Yum Upkot, we are moving again to the student city Kortrijk with no less than 77 student rooms and 1 commercial space. An absolute prime location in the centre of Kortrijk, within walking and cycling distance of numerous hotspots and campuses.


Besides a brand-new student room with private sink, shower and toilet, the tenants can also enjoy common facilities such as a study café, spacious shared kitchens and a city garden of approximately 500m².





Visit our virtual tour

In this virtual tour, you can walk through the Upkot project at your own pace and learn all about Yum Upkot.

360 tour

A project at a prime location

Lekkerbeetstraat 4 & Lange Steenstraat 10, 8500 Kortrijk


  • Campuses within walking and cycling distance
  • Easily accessible by public transport
  • Close to numerous hotspots (Grote Markt, Lago Kortrijk Weide, K in Kortrijk, etc.)
  • Sustainable energy facilities: gas-free, heat pump, solar panels, rainwater recovery, ...

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Kortrijk, a student city

  • Over 15,500 sutdents
  • 2 Colleges and 2 Universities with unique educational offerings
  • Number of students continues to rise
  • Need for 1,500 new student rooms
new student rooms needed
educational offerings

An investement to be proud of.


You have made your decision? Great, we will do the rest for you. Thanks to our overall approach, all you have to do is wait for your annual return.

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We rent and manage

After the rental, the fun starts! Our Upkot coach is responsible for the daily operational and social management. 

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A company with a mission

Business as usual is not up to us. We want to make social impact with our projects.


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Sustainable DNA

With our spin-off Limoengroen, we build gas-free and we supply green energy. Our kotkip sensitises.

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We build from A until Z

Our own team of engineers and architects guarantees a high-quality building and an unrivalled planning.



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Are you interested in investing or do you want to know more about this investment project? Feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our Sales Ambassadors.


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At home or at our office

Do you want a more personal approach? No problem at all!


Schedule a visit at your home or at our office and we will gladly take you through our story.

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Visit a project

Would you like to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Upkot and Upliving?


We are happy to give you a tour of a building of your choice.


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Don't feel like travelling, but do you still want more information about our possibilities?


We are happy to help you via a video call.

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