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Kickstart Upgrade Academy


Dream, dare, do!

The world today needs innovative leaders and solutions to the ecological and social challenges of our time. Upgrade Academy therefore offers coaching for ambitious Upkot & Upliving residents with a sustainable idea. Don't wait any longer for 'the ideal time' to launch your project, Kickstart is here for you now!


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From early idea to sustainable innovation

Kickstart gives you the tools to discover & develop yourself. We challenge you to think Future Proof and make positive impact in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Learn which steps to take to shape your entrepreneurial idea
  • Get the unique opportunity to get personal feedback from our entrepreneurial coach
  • Learn to work Future Proof and SDG-oriented
  • Use the Kickstart community of Upkot and Upliving as a sound board
  • Get inspired by innovative changemakers


Kickstart Upgrade Academy

Meet the mentor

Steve Stevens is an entrepreneurship mentor for Kickstart.

He used to be a business coach and coordinator of the student startup centre DO! at UGent for 10 years and recently started

With our Kickstart programme, we give you the opportunity to book up to 3 free coaching sessions with Steve. During these sessions, he will help you further shape your idea or guide you through the first steps towards entrepreneurship.



Steve Stevens coach

Future events

26/10 - 25/11 - Coaching sessions with Steve


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13/12 - Kickstart First Presentations


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kickstart bootcamp

15-16/02 - Kickstart Bootcamp


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10/05 - Kickstart Final Presentations


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