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The daily adventures of an Upkot coach

The daily adventures of an Upkot coach


The Upgrade Academy is our response to boosting collaborative working between all stakeholders in our company. We are convinced that collaboration has nothing but benefits and we can all learn from one another. With that in mind, we regularly gather together all our in-house staff. During these meetings, our colleagues discuss one of their departments in detail. That keeps our entire staff base informed of the activities throughout the company.


The Upkot coaches had the honour of giving the first presentation of the year. Jasper, our very own Community Manager Belgium - and he is very proud of that title - was the first to take the floor. In his signature style, with a good dose of humour, he gave us an insight into the daily life of an Upkot coach.


How do you keep a mob of students in check, how do you motivate them to clean up their kitchen every day, what does a kitchen and building inspection entail, and which events are organised for and by the students? Then each of the 13 coaches presented their work based on a single telling image. We heard a mix of stories, from emotional anecdotes to stressful moving-in days and delicious breakfasts for Saint Nicholas. In a nutshell, a colourful, comprehensive and meaningful look at our coaches’ daily lives.


The key message we took away is that Upkot coaches need to be flexible.

Very flexible.

Very, very, very flexible…


You may have planned to do some admin work in the morning, but an unexpected sales visit or a clogged toilet can mess up your plans in an instant. We leave the meeting with the sense that our student coaches are vital links in the chain, not only within Upgrade Estate, but also in the lives of our Upkot students. They leave a lasting impression, and for many young people they make a big difference.


Het leven zoals het is: de Upkot coachHet leven zoals het is: de Upkot coach