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Bro Upkot

Bro Upkot

311 student rooms
Great facilities

A strong example of technology and design

  • 62 meter high tower
  • Study Café with panoramic view on the 18th floor
  • Great facilities: gameroom (developed in co-creation with students), fitness, chillroom
  • 35 communal kitchens
  • Garden with volleyball field, basketball area, Upkot chickens, terraces with BBQ's, ...
  • Built with sustainable building techniques and smart energy saving applications, which resulted in a saving of 139 tonnes of CO2 during construction.
  • Great management by Upkot coach Griet
  • In cooperation with Archipl Architecten en Studio Basta
  • Address: Ebergiste de Deynestraat 15, 9000 Ghent


Our guiding principle in the construction of Bro Upkot was a sustainable approach with smart energy applications. The building is completely gas-free and is heated via 2 heat pumps. Rainwater recovery is combined with recovery of "grey" water: the waste water from the showers is purified and reused to flush the toilets.


Bro Upkot is designed in the theme of evolution and the future. The interior was created and made by our own team 'look & feel'. Combinations of rough materials and colour create a unique and cool urban atmosphere. All signage in the building is made of wood from site waste. In the 35 communal kitchens, the theme of evolution comes to life: through Upcycling, we visualised the evolution of a particular object. For example, you can see the Barbie doll, the Monopoly game or a keyboard evolving over the years. 



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Investments in the picture

King Upkot (Brussels)



  • New student rooms at a prime location in the heart of Brussels
  • Intended net cash return of 2-4%
  • We take care of rent, management and maintenance


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Investeren in King Upkot
Investeren in King Upkot

UpGreat, the simple bond



  • A gross interest of 1% in year 1
  • Subscriptions as from €100,000
  • No entry, exit or management fees
  • Underlying value of green projects



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