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Upgrade Estate is a Future-Fit Pioneer!

What is Future-Fit?

Future-Fit refers to the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, a management tool that companies can use to measure their future-fitness and the road towards it. The Future-Fit approach covers all aspects of sustainability, is highly scientifically based and, of course, is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. This way, a company can measure what impact it has on society, how it can eliminate any negative impact and how it can reinforce positive impact.





Why Future-Fit?

By declaring itself a Future-Fit Pioneer, Upgrade Estate underlines its mission to create social impact and added value. There will be annual monitoring and reporting of progress towards Future-Fitness. After all, plans are only valuable if they are translated into action through concrete actions.


How measures the Future-Fit Business Benchmark?

A company is future-fit if it achieves 100% of all so-called Break-Even Goals. In fact, all companies should strive for this, because our society can only be sustainable if the planetary boundaries are respected, if all people have maximum development opportunities and our economy becomes inclusive. We call such a society a Future-Fit Society. The future belongs to companies that connect with society, recognise its needs and use their entrepreneurship to make it better.


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