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Upoffiz Ghent - Art Deco Venue

Blauw afgerond vierkantje
Renovation of former offices
"De Vooruit" in Ghent
Rood afgerond vierkantje
office and event location
Groen afgerond vierkantje
User Experience

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Ghent monument “De Vooruit” turns into Upoffiz Ghent - Art Deco Venue


Energie-efficient and sustainable project

Today, only sustainable building projects can be justified. We even take a serious leap further in developing and applying green techniques in our buildings. Curious about the techniques in Upoffiz Ghent - Art Deco Venue?

  • Geothermal field with heat pump
  • Rainwater recovery
  • Solar panels
  • Smart building management system
  • Extra glass
  • Upcycling

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