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Demer Upkot

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Demer Upkot, a new flow through the Kapermolensite

Elfde-Liniestraat 21B, Hasselt

  • Delivered in 2023
  • 6-floor building located in Kapermolenpark
  • 87 rooms: 16 Uprooms and 71 Upcomforts
  • Shared facilities: study café, roof terrace, covered bicycle shed and 9 living kitchens with chillspot
  • Unique look and feel with upcycled materials
  • Great management by an Upkot coach
  • In collaboration with Kolmont and POLO Architects



A trendy interior

Demer Upkot was transformed into a real 'Art studio'. And we didn't do this alone. Students from nearby Campuses helped us to bring the 'art' concept to life. With 'Recycled Art Workshops', our Look & Feel team brought students together to get creative with Upcycled materials, waste,... . And so beautiful artworks, that you can find in the project, were created.

In addition, In Demer Upkot we chose to go for plenty of second-hand materials. From old planks transformed into signalisations to the use of second-hand furniture. If that's not vintage!

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