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Kaper Upkot

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Blauw afgerond vierkantje
Number of student rooms
Rood afgerond vierkantje
Rebranding in
Groen afgerond vierkantje
Use of
sustainable technologies

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The 7th Upkot student town

Elfde-Liniestraat 17-21, 3500 Hasselt

  • Delivered in 2021
  • 262 student rooms
  • New-build project
  • Close to the PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts and Hasselt University campuses
  • Numerous communal facilities such as the 'Talent hUP', a study café, a laundry and bike parkings with shared bikes. 
  • Excellent management by an Upkot coach 
  • Own rental and management service
  • Taken over from CampUSpark in 2019 and completely refurbished with an Upkot Look & Feel


Kaper Upkot is Upkot’s seventh student city. In Elfde-Liniestraat, near PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Hasselt University campus, 262 enthusiastic students are having the time of their lives.


A sustainable design and the maximum use of green techniques, that is the priority at the start of each new Upkot/Upliving project. Think of solar panels or boilers, heat pumps, rainwater recovery, etc. Our own green energy supplier Limoengroen guarantees this.

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