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Yum Upkot

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Yum Upkot, een hapklaar Upkot project in Kortrijk

Lekkerbeetstraat 4, 8500 Kortrijk

  • Delivered in 2023
  • 2 buildings divided into 3 blocks with 4 floors
  • 77 Upcomforts and 1 commercial space
  • Shared facilities: study café, indoor garden, covered bicycle storage and 7 living kitchens with chillspot
  • Unique look and feel with upcycled materials
  • Great management by an Upkot coach
  • In collaboration with EGUS architects and Studio Basta

A trendy interior

Yum Upkot was transformed into an 'old grocery shop'. And the theme can be found everywhere. From the entrance where you can read Yum Upkot's story on a menu, to the elevator that has been transformed into a grocery cabinet. And if you step into the study café, you find yourself in a real grocery shop with the grocery cabinet filled with weck pots. Did you know that the herbs and sweets in the weck pots were made from waste? If that's not upcycling!

And our Look & Feel team thought of the smallest details. For example, the floor numbers were made from old fruit crates and the 3 blocks were each given a yummie name: The Taste, The Bite and The Experience. 

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Energy-efficient and sustainable project

Today, only sustainable building projects can be justified. In fact, we are taking a serious leap in developing and applying green techniques in our buildings. Curious about the techniques in Yum Upkot?

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Upcycling
  • Ventilation system D
  • Air-water heat pump with underfloor heating
  • Water-water heat pump for domestic hot water
  • 6 Pokers for domestic hot water and heating
  • Solar panels



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