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HLZHI Marketing

“Life as it is”: Marketing

We decided to create the Upgrade Academy because we are convinced that working together will only make us better. This is our answer to the demand for connection between and with all our company’s stakeholders. “Life as it is” is an enjoyable initiative that forms part of the Upgrade Academy.


This initiative gives each department the opportunity to immerse all their colleagues in their working methods. This way, everyone will be aware of what goes on in the other departments. After all, good internal communication is indispensable in a vibrant corporate culture.


“Life as it is”: Marketing


This time, it was the Marketing team’s turn. The team is simply bursting with creativity and always manages to turn every idea into something improbably ‘out of the box’. Our marketing team ensures that all the chapters (our departments) of the Upgrade Estate book merge into a single story. The staff learned more about the various types of marketing, such as content marketing, direct marketing, online ads, event marketing, referral programmes, construction site marketing and look & feel.


The marketing flow, the main ‘Lego blocks’ for building a website and the importance of brand management were also discussed in more detail. Thanks to the presentation, all our colleagues are now also completely familiar with the term UX Design. UX what?! User Experience Design: getting visitors to achieve their goal on a website or online platform in as few steps as possible. Our colleagues’ marketing knowledge is now fully up to date!