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Roadshow Prullenbos 2019

Roadshow Prullenbos 2019

Last week we organised the second road show in the Prullenbos, in Laarne. This area of natural beauty was transformed into a cosy gathering where everyone could consider the investment opportunities the future has to offer with an open mind.


roadshow prullenbos Laarne


The Prullenbos is a beauty spot close to the hearts of our CEOs and Believers, Koenraad and Nele. So, they were very enthusiastic when introducing the road show. After which, our Head of Sales, Christophe, took the floor.


roadshow prullenbos Laarne


The question on everybody’s lips right now is: “What options do we have left for our savings at the moment?” The historically low interest rate on overfull savings accounts was one reason why many interested people came to find out more. It is clear that investing has become a well-considered choice today.



As one of the first customers, I can tell you that older buildings are also still in excellent condition today.




Many curious people came to listen to Upgrade Estate’s compelling account of what investment has to offer. We would like to thank everyone present for the lovely evening and the kind things you had to say about our work.


roadshow laarne



I was delighted to be able to welcome these 120 enthusiastic participants to the lovely, idyllic Prullenbos. I’m still enjoying the memory of the positive vibe in the air

Christophe - Head of Sales




roadshow prullenbos laarne


Couldn't you be there in Laarne? Then we have good news for you. You can find us on the Immo Invest days in Knokke on 21 and 22 September. Do not hesitate and register for this event for free.