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Scheduled activities

  • medemerkers

    Life as it is / Acquisition & development - exclusively for employees

    Every department is eager to give their best every day. We give them the opportunity to inspire their colleagues with their challenges, results & dreams. The acquisition & development teams work closely together to find suitable land or premises and transform them (already on paper) into new Upkot, Upliving or Upoffiz projects.
    Upgrade Academy of online | 11:30 | For  Employees
  • intrede

    Upworkshop / Entries and exits - exclusively for employees

    In the Upgrade Academy we want to share knowledge & experience. The Upkot & Upliving coaches receive tips & tricks in a monthly Upworkshop that they can use in their job. In this session the coaches will be prepared for the busy & exciting summer months with hundreds of entries & exits.
    Upgrade Academy | 10:00 | For  Upkot & Upliving coaches
  • Limoengroen traineeship

    Break & learn / Traineeship Limoengroen - exclusively for employees

    In the Upgrade Academy we share knowledge as a lever for personal development. A monthly lunch & learn session gives our fellow workers insights into results or new developments. After a 3-month traineeship at Limoengroen on sustainable techniques, the trainees present the results & learnings to their colleagues.
    Upgrade Academy | 11:30 | For  Employees
  • medeMerkersmeeting

    MedeMerkersmeeting / Summer Edition - exclusively for employees

    Twice a year, we bring all our employees together to look back, look forward and, most of all, celebrate together.
    Upgrade Academy | 16:00 | For  Employees