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Upgrade Estate creates and manages buildings for students, young professionals and companies with a focus on connecting people.
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Nele Van Damme & Koenraad Belsack
Founders & believers of Upgrade Estate

Our connecting brands


Upkot offers student housing, making your student days an unforgettable experience thanks to the Upkot community and our unique facilities.


Upliving rents apartments to young professionals, offering additional shared facilities as well as unrivalled comfort.


Upoffiz is the home base for high-growth SMEs, where interaction and connection take centre stage and with greenery as a connecting element.

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Invest at Upgrade Estate


You invest in green housing that has been developed with a focus on added societal and social value. Our own management and rental service gives both tenants and investors peace of mind.


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Creating social impact and added societal value.


Every day, we strive to refine our concept and increase our social impact.

We have a clear mission:


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As Upkot chicken and sustainability mascot, I inspire tenants to live more sustainably.

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Curious about how we make an impact?

For Upgrade Estate, sustainability is a not only a mission, but a way of living, thinking and doing. We have an impact on three levels: ecological, social and economic.


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nele en koenraad

Upgrade Academy

The Upgrade Academy – powered by Upgrade Estate – is an offline forum where stakeholders

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icon      Inspire each other

icon      Share experience and knowledge

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Upcoming Academy events

  • Sarah Zwaenepoel
    Geen armoede

    Geen armoede

    Verantwoorde consumptie en productie

    Verantwoorde consumptie en productie

    Upworkshop / Being money conscious (NL)

    Do you want to avoid problems with money ? Do you want to improve your financial situation? Do you want to know how to take small steps to secure your financial future? Do you want to know how to financially survive the week in your dorm?

    Sarah Zwaenepoel, budget coach and founder of Start 2 Budget will explain it to you in detail on October 24th in our Upgrade Academy.

    Sounds boring? It is not, I promise!

    Already interested in more? Then re-listen to Sarah's podcast in collaboration with Urgent in which she talks to students about their money.
    Upgrade Academy | 19:30 | For  Upkot students
  • EHBO
    Goede gezondheid en welzijn

    Goede gezondheid en welzijn

    Upworkshop / FIRST AID (NL)

    How do you respond to minor accidents at home or in digs? How do you help a housemate or family member who is injured or choking? And how do you recognise a sudden cardiac arrest and start life-saving CPR?

    In collaboration with the Red Cross, we are organising an Upworkshop in first aid.

    In short: in a few hours you will learn how to help or save someone.

    Register quickly, places are limited!
    Upgrade Academy | 20:00 | For  Upkot & Upliving tenants

Best Place To Work

It is our ambition to let our enthusiastic employees grow further in a family atmosphere. Due to the growth of our company, roles are dynamic and teams are expanding. Employees get plenty of opportunities to develop their talents. Our employees have fun, are proud of what they do and have confidence in their own abilities and in the organisation.

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