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Investors have their say

Investors have their say

Recently we met some investors in Backstage² Upkot’s jungle patio. We asked them why they invested with Upgrade Estate and if they were satisfied...  


Nico, investor of Mia Upkot

Nico was particularly attracted by the total package consisting of investment concepts with rental and management services and a great community. Also, when he started investing, his own children were about to go to college or university. Therefore, investing in student accommodation was an easy choice to make. His daughter Hanne is now enjoying her student days at Upkot, and Nico is receiving an excellent return on his investment.  


“Every year, I see my return rise, which feels great. The forecasts I received at the start of my investment are correct! The Upkot building in which we have invested has a 10-year agreement with the Artevelde College in Ghent. That means we are sure of our returns and have no worries.”
- Nico



Yvette, investor of Backstage Upkot

Yvette and her husband were mainly looking for a hassle-free investment. After some negative experiences with poorly paying tenants and increasing maintenance costs in their private property investments, they decided to sell them and invested the released funds in Upgrade Estate. The freedom from worries and the family atmosphere at Upgrade Estate were the decisive factors for Yvette.  


“Investing your savings is not something to be taken for granted. Luckily, we could count on Diederik to assist us. During the investment process, we were able to contact him with all our questions and concerns. As a result, we were able to invest with confidence.”
- Yvette


Are you curious about Upgrade Estate’s investment offer and what this could mean for you? Then please download our investment brochure or make an appointment with no obligation.

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