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Upspiration session – the Upkot student

Upspiration session – the Upkot student

Since we always want to keep growing as a company, we organise regular Upspiration sessions with our Upgrade Academy . During these brainstorm sessions, we take an in-depth look at the needs of our target groups. We work with them to investigate who they are, what their experiences are with Upgrade Estate and our brands, what our strengths are, and most importantly the points that we need to work on.

A few weeks ago, under the guidance of Upkot coach Jasper, we organised an informative Upspiration session with ten Upkot students from Bru Upkot. They were an enthusiastic group who were keen to share their views. They gave us insight into what their daily lives are like, and about their dreams and fears. Furthermore, they did a Customer Journey Mapping exercise. Using this exercise, various steps in their customer journey were highlighted: from the decisions that they made to study and to move into student accommodation, to their lives today as students in an Upkot building. Safe to say that these Bru Upkotters gave us an enormous amount of inspiration!

At the end of the session, our Upkotters received an Upgrade Academy certificate of participation, which will definitely look good on their CVs. 

Thanks, guys!


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