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Monday, 18 January 2021 |

5 dilemmas: Nele Van Damme's answers


Stability or constant change? Just one of the five dilemmas that Nele Van Damme, co-CEO of Upgrade Estate, was presented with in the podcast series Vlerick Change Makers. Curious to find out what this passionate entrepreneur had to say? Read more about her choices below.


#1 Students or young professionals?


“We try to make a difference for both of them,” replies Nele. “With Upkot, we lay a good foundation for an unforgettable student life in our community. The atmosphere and facilities are unique and very dynamic. We continue this trend in Upliving, with which we give young professionals a kickstart in their professional lives.”


#2 Stability or constant change?


“Change! Some people call Upgrade Estate a game changer. But in order to push boundaries, you need to be an early adopter. For me, change and innovation are the secret to staying ahead of the competition.”

#3 Graspop or Tomorrowland?


“I love the authentic Belgian festival culture, but to be honest heavy metal isn’t really my thing. Aside from the music genre, I believe the festivals are at different levels. Tomorrowland is extremely innovative and inspires me in so many different ways, including customer focus! I just love seeing what they're capable of.”

#4 Creative or analytical mind?


“I'm lucky enough to have been blessed with both qualities. In my experience they are complementary, so it’s impossible for me to choose one over the other.”

#5 Business school or university of life?


“University of life, no question!”
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