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Kick Start Gathering

Upgrade Academy, 9000 Ghent | 11.00am - 3.30pm | For Upkot and Upliving residents


After touring in all Upkot & Upliving cities and organizing Pitch & Pizza events, we’d like to invite you for taking the next step together during our Kick Start Gathering on Friday 13th May at Upgrade Academy in Ghent.

The goal is to connect you with eachother, giving you feedback, getting new ideas and brainstorming about the role that Upgrade Estate could play in the entrepreneurial journey you all aim to explore.

For who is this event?

For all Upkot and Upliving residents who feels the entrepreneurial need and spirit to setup their own business, pre-starters and starters.


  • 11.00am - Welcome / Setting the scene
  • 12.00am - Lunch + speed the scene
  • 1.00pm - Feedback loops
  • 2.00pm - Brainstorm: How can Upgrade Estate help young entrepreneurs?
  • 3.00pm - Conclusion



Upgrade Academy