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Rent at Upkot or Upliving

Upgrade Estate does not only focus on long-term relationships with investors. The tenants of our apartments, studios and student rooms matter too.

We create strong bonds with our tenants thanks to a comprehensive rental and management service and extensive facilities. Depending on the brand - Upkot or Upliving - we focus on students or young professionals. 

We stand for...


Duurzame huisvesting

Sustainable accommodation

Open en transparante communicatie

Clear, open communication

Correcte huurprijzen

Appropriate rental prices

We offer you...


Excellent value for money

A unique look and feel in every project

A coach as a general contact person

Excellent management and odd jobs service

Various types of room to suit every budget

Common areas and a community feeling

Upkot chillroom
Upkot chillroom

As a tenant you can be part of our Upgrade Academy. Super awesome!

- Yana, Upkot Student

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